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Univault Laptop Charging Station Cart Series

Security and simplicity in one powerful cart.

The Univault Laptop Charging Station protects and charges robust fleets of Chromebooks and laptops, offering quick setup, unmatched security and ultimate ease of use for both teachers and students.

Key Benefits

Secure, manage + charge, simply and reliably

The UniVault Laptop Charging Station includes built-in cable management makes connecting devices simple and keeps everything super organized.

Protect your edtech investment

A three-point locking system and unrivaled construction deliver extra security for your devices.

Get going quickly with extremely fast setup

Our QUICK SET feature and other innovations ensure you’re up and running—in minutes.

“The carts help me maximize teaching time in the classroom and eliminate the surprise of uncharged devices.”

-New York City High School Teacher

Features & Specifications

Featuring a streamlined design, the Univault laptop charging station not only charges but also secures devices with its robust, tamper-proof construction. Its intuitive setup and user-friendly access make it a top choice for schools who are looking to enhance their digital learning environments efficiently.

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