Maximum flexibility for varied mobile device fleets.

Our Trays help organizations manage, charge and sync shared fleets of different mobile devices so mission-critical technology investments are fully leveraged and protected.

UniDock™ Trays

With supremely organized and secure cable management, the UniDock Tray deploys always-ready and fully capable devices, maximizing productivity for everyone.

Key Benefits

Simplify with
market-leading flexibility

UniDock Trays are designed for organizations with varying fleet sizes, connectors and devices. They fit a wide range of today’s mobile phones, tablets and protective cases—and are adaptable for tomorrow’s devices so your investment is future-proof.

Gain efficiency with
two-step simplicity

With the UniDock Tray, users simply plug the cable into their device and place it in the tray to charge and sync. Cables can be pre-installed for optimal organization and security and can be changed when your devices change.

Manage, charge and

The elegant, intuitive design of the UniDock Tray makes it easy for employees to use and IT teams to deploy, saving valuable time for everyone.

UniDock products manage 1 million+ devices in healthcare organizations nationwide.

Explore Our Products

UniDock Tray-16T

Manage and Charge
16 Tablets and/or Mobile Phones

UniDock Tray-24

Manage and Charge
24 Mobile Phones

High Density Racks Accessory

  • Solid USA-sourced steel construction; anti-microbial powder coat finishing
  • Secure access with steel mesh locking front door; glass option available
  • Protect and store multiple trays and all its devices
  • Conveniently slide tray in and out on full-length rails

Datamation products are proudly designed and made in America.

Common Features

Mobile Device Trays

Enable productive backroom device management with our Mobile Device Trays. Devices are charged in easy-to-slide trays that stow away securely when not in use.

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