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Gather’Round™ Cart Series

Easy access to essential classroom technology.

The Gather’Round Cart earns high marks for its teacher-friendly design, making Chromebooks, tablets and iPads extremely accessible and always ready.

Key Benefits

Secure, manage + charge, simply and reliably

Built-in cable management makes connecting devices simple. And our carts are future proof and adaptable, so you can count on them for the long-term.

Distribute devices
with ease

The Gather’Round cart’s sliding top-load doors and ergonomic design lets teachers easily distribute devices to students—no stooping or bending required.

Spend more time with students

Teachers’ to-do lists are long. The Gather’Round cart saves them time and effort so they can focus on what matters most.

“The carts help me maximize teaching time in the classroom and eliminate the surprise of uncharged devices.”

-New York City High School Teacher

Features & Specifications

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